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HPE is building a rapid AI supercomputer powered by the world’s largest CPU

New AI supercomputer will be built around a wafer-sized processor with 850,000 cores

Hewlett Packard Venture (HPE) has reported it is building a strong new artificial intelligence supercomputer as a team with Cerebras Frameworks, producer of the world’s biggest chip.

The new framework will be comprised of a blend of HPE Superdome Flex servers and Cerebras CS-2 gas pedals, which are fueled by the gigantic Wafer-Scale Motor 2 (WSE-2) processor.

The anonymous supercomputer is supposed to go live later this mid year at the Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ) in Bavaria, furnishing scientists with another asset to assist with speeding up research projects on points going from clinical imaging to aeronautic design.

New AI supercomputer

Disclosed by Cerebras in April last year, the WS2-E is planned explicitly to speed up simulated intelligence preparing and surmising jobs. The chip houses a stunning 2.6 trillion semiconductors and 850,000 simulated intelligence centers spread across 46,225 mm(2) of silicon, probably conveying the simulated intelligence execution of many GPUs.

The wafer-sized chip additionally brags 40GB on-chip memory and 20PB/s of memory transmission capacity, which takes into account all boundaries of enormous scope artificial intelligence models to be hung on-chip simultaneously, accelerating calculation.

Examination of WSE2 with the biggest GPU

The send off of the new framework in Germany will check the initial time the WSE-2 chip has been conveyed inside an European supercomputer.

“We established Cerebras to upset process,” made sense of Andrew Feldman, President and Prime supporter of Cerebras Frameworks. “We’re glad to collaborate with LRZ and HPE to give Bavaria’s analysts admittance to bursting quick artificial intelligence, empowering them to attempt new theories, train huge language models and at last development logical disclosure.”

The appearance of the new framework has additionally been praised by scientists at the LRZ, who say the machine will essentially speed up with which they can direct significant man-made intelligence and broadly useful HPC responsibilities.

“Presently, we see that artificial intelligence process request is multiplying each three to four months with our clients,” said Prof. Dr. Health food nut Kranzlmüller, Head of the LRZ.

“With the high combination of processors, memory and on-board networks on a solitary chip, Cerebras empowers elite execution and speed. This guarantees essentially more proficiency in information handling and hence quicker forward leap of logical discoveries.”

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