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Nvidia RTX 4080 could be here sooner than we thought – beating AMD to the punch

Nvidia’s Lovelace GPUs might turn up early in Q3, if latest rumor is right

Update: Kopite7kimi has since tweeted (in a different string) to explain that they implied early Q3 as in July, and all the more explicitly, mid-July, for the appearance of RTX 4000 GPUs (add your own salt, as could be).

Unique story follows…

Nvidia could get the best of AMD by very some distance with regards to getting cutting edge designs cards to the market, or possibly that is what the most recent gossip from a noticeable leaker proposes.

Kopite7kimi on Twitter just dropped a brief – and as a matter of fact fairly muddled – tweet which appears to affirm that Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs will land right off the bat in Q3 (bear every one of the typical provisos around reports as a top priority, normally).

Q3 earlyMay 15, 2022

This is a development to a tweet from last August wherein Kopite7kimi said that Lovelace (probably RTX 4000) designs cards would arise “undeniably prior” than thought, and the leaker currently attests they’ll show up “Q3 early”.

Probably that implies from the get-go in the second from last quarter, which would appear to show July, the main month of Q3. In any case, perhaps it could mean early August – which is still generally almost immediately, and absolutely a whole lot earlier than past tales have recommended Lovelace will turn up. This could mean something bad for AMD, obviously, as far as RTX 4000 having the option to lay out a foothold a long time before the appearance of RDNA 3 GPUs.

Investigation: How about we treat this one with additional mindfulness
Another chance in regards to the importance of this concise tweet is that it could essentially reaffirm that Nvidia will hit a Q3 send off, and that is sooner than anticipated – yet it’s a seriously phrased message assuming that is the situation. Provided that this is true, this could highlight a September send off toward the finish of Q3, however at that point once more, September is a date we’ve previously seen drifted a few times for the Lovelace send off, and this tweet would then scarcely address an update or new information.

Anyway, that approach to perusing it doesn’t actually sound good to us, which leads us back to the end that RTX 4000 could make a big appearance before September, in spite of the fact that there’s another inquiry that must then be replied: would we say we are taking a gander at a paper send off? Or on the other hand a real cards-on-racks time period?

Who knows, honestly, however assuming Kopite7kimi truly is setting up the hypothesis that July may be an opportunities for Nvidia’s arrangements, then we clearly can’t be discussing on special dates, yet perhaps an underlying uncover or secret.

The leaker has not wanted to explain any of these inquiries, a large number of which have been brought up in resulting answers to the first tweet, so for the present, we’ll practice more suspicion than ordinary around this one, and characterize it as one of the vaguer bits of theory we’ve seen on Lovelace.

What we can take from this – with a ton of wariness – is a wide sign that Nvidia’s cutting edge illustrations cards may be here undeniably sooner than we suspected, and that they could get the drop on AMD’s RDNA 3 contributions which may not show up until Q4 going by certain tales (in spite of the fact that September has additionally been proposed as a date for the RX 7000 series to start off).

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